Biblical Apologetics Nepal

Since 1999 Narayangarh Church of Christ in Nepal has been continually defending the truth and stands sound in the teaching of the Bible. When we looked back we found that in every debate, discussion, teachings or any biblical events we used only scientifically proven materials or evidence to convince our people and we did well, now we realized that we need to explore those evidences or scientific materials (in our Language) in the internet . We are heartily thankful to the entire team of Apologetics Press for their great works, it was and it will always be a great help to explore the truth.

May God bless every one of us with knowledge and wisdom.


  1. Can Christian eat Pork?
  2. Is Abortion sin ?
  3. Many faces and cause of unbelief
  4. Worship God in Spirit and in truth.

सृष्टि बिरूद्ध क्रमिक बिकास